GLT Taxi Is Now In Lagos! Take A Cab From Ikoyi To Berger For As Low As N2,500

GLT Taxi Is Now In Lagos! Take A Cab From Ikoyi To Berger For As Low As N2,500
How often do you use E-Taxi Apps? Have you ever wondered why a particular ride/ trip is quite more than what you budgeted? All of this
are some of the factors that was considered when GLT was been fashioned, imagine a ride from Ikoyi to Berger for as low as N2500 and courteous drivers and clean cars too
With GLT taxi you can take a ride for as low as N400 no regret whatsoever GLT allows you sign up your 2003 cars and even your bigger vehicles too as there are 3 classes of vehicles, GLT Mini which offers smaller range of cars from 2003 – 2006 cars, GLT Deluxe which include cars from 2007 – 2013 and GLT Van includes the larger vehicles from 2006 – 2013 and more interestingly GLT Van are clean, air conditioned mini BUSES.
GLT promises to continue to improve the transportation system in Nigeria. 
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To sign up your car(s) send an email to
GLT price specifications for the Three categories are as follows;
GLT Mini:
Base = N300
Price per minute = N6
Price per Kilometer = N70
Commission = 15%
Person size = 4
GLT Deluxe:
Price per minute = N8
Price per Kilometer = N90
Commission = 20%
Person size = 4
GLT Van:
Base = N450
Price Per minute = N10
Price per Kilometer = N100,
Commission = 20%
Person size = 8


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