Funke Akindele, Lolo1: ‘Jenifa Diary’ actors are television’s new besties

Funke Akindele, JJC, Shina Peters attend final screening of sitcom

Their friendship is enough to inspire envy as they stick together through the good times and the bad.

If you haven’t been paying attention, you should know that television has got two new
best friends – Jenifa and Adaku played by Funke Akindele and Lolo1
whose real name is Omotunde Adebowale David.

The last couple of
years has seen us all fall deeply in love with Akindele for her
comical role on TV comedy series “Jenifa’s Diary” and now even though we’ve always known Lolo1 from radio, her presence on the series sees
her becoming one of the most beloved characters.

Jenifa’s Diary


July 2015 saw Lolo1 join “Jenifa’s Diary” with a recurring role as ‘
Adaku’ in the series. While Toyo had always been Jenifa’s best
friend right from season one, season three saw another friendship
brewing when Adaku, a stylist at the hair saloon Jenifa worked at
joined the series.


In the series, both women clash, constantly
point out each others’ flaws but as time goes on, they both build a
tight bond of friendship and accept each other’s imperfections
including Jenifa’s aspirations for more and Adaku’s love for food.

Jenifa in London


As the series set moves to another location, Adaku
proves her solidarity for Jenifa is a ride or die one. When Jenifa
gets the chance to get to London, she takes Adaku along on her new

When they soon find that all that glitters is not gold,
the fact they have each other is what keeps them going. Their
friendship is enough to inspire envy as they stick together through
the good times and the bad.

Off screen


Having seen their awesome
chemistry on screen, it was only right Akindele and Lolo1 made the
decision to take their acts off screen.

On December 12, 2016, the
two ladies played co-hosts at King Sunny Ade’s Sunny On Sunday
concert commemorating the 70th birthday ceremony of Juju music

No matter what they are working on, it seems Akindele and Lolo1
always support each other – especially in individual projects.

Earlier this year when “Jenifa in London” premiered in the United
Kingdom, in November, Lolo joined Akindele to host fans in London
despite the premiere dates being close to her annual comedy show in
Nigeria, ‘Oga Madam’.

The two ladies also used their “Jenifa Diary”
characters to promote Lolo’s show with a skit where Jenifa
threatens to release Adaku’s sex tape.

With their comical banter,
animated conversations and silly antics whenever you think of TV
friendships, Adaku and Jenifa will always come to mind.
(We wonder what Toyo baby thinks about this?)


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