For Men: What you need to be a good boyfriend, according to Jay Ellis

For Men: What you need to be a good boyfriend, according to Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis is a 34-year old American actor known  for his role in the HBO series, Insecure

The "Insecure" star explains in this clip, the character traits that make you a really good lover to your woman.

What do I need to be a good boyfriend, what do I do to make my babe proud of me?

If you have ever wondered about that, or if you are presently faced with those questions, Jay Ellis has an answer that you will find really helpful.

Jay Ellis, 34, is an American actor who features as Lawrence in the hit HBO series "Insecure."


According to Ellis, "women love to be listened to," so the ideal boyfriend needs to be a good communicator; "someone who can open up the lines of communication," a man who not not only knows how to express his thoughts in an appropriate manner, but who also has the ability to listen well.

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Another thing that makes a great boyfriend is the ability to make himself vulnerable.


The actor did not shed light on this any further, but his words could be interpreted to mean that a great boyfriend is one who sheds himself of his ‘masculinity’ and ‘hard guy’ demeanour when he’s with his woman, a man who is not shy to show his babe his emotional, soft and mushy side.

When asked further in the interview, Ellis says his relationship red flag includes cheating, and lack of proper communication.

The actor aired this views during a video interview with Essence Magazine, where he was asked questions on relationship matters.


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