For Ladies: Why men cheat

For Ladies: Why men cheat


Really let’s take a critical look at this question why do men cheat? It is quite controversial in our society today and it is gradually becoming a norm.

Really let’s take a critical look at this question why do men cheat? It is quite controversial in our society today and it is gradually becoming a norm.

For most women, cheating is unthinkable at first blush because she feels if she has given him her mind, her body professed to him she loved him in the presence of her family,friends and all her followers on social media the least he could do to honor her was being faithful.

The sad truth is men will always be men not that they do not know the collateral damage that comes with getting caught and the herculean efforts it will take to win their women back that’s if she accepts him back, they are fully aware of this.

Now I am not justifying this act, do not get me wrong I am here to give you answers to why they cheat and ways to cut down cheating in your man. So men cheat because ..

  1. They can:  A man is a logical being, sex is more of a physical activity to him on the other hand for a woman it is more of an emotional act. Now if your husband or man loves you he will try to hide his tracks because he feels..

  2. He can get away with it:  Men like to think they are slick and smart, so if a man loves you he will cover his tracks like a secret FBI  agent that does not want his identity revealed. But if he opens up to tell you he cheats on you and he does it again, it is because he does not respect you or it’s because is …

  3. He is not yet a defined man:  A man is defined by what he has, who he is and where he sees himself in the nearest future. If he does not have about 70% of this sweetheart you are not in a committed relationship. Another reason could be his priorities. A man ‘s priorities should be God, family,education and business, now if something is between God and family this may be a bad habit, cheating or drinking then he will cheat because…

  4. There’s a woman ready waiting for him out there: it’s funny but that’s the truth, there is a woman who does not care if the man is married or in a committed relationship.

She is ready to sleep with him whenever he comes around this could be due to the self -esteem issues, she not defining her priorities or other reasons. This is why if you are married or in a relationship, it is the best time to up your game, spice up your relationship and look for fun activities that you and your partner can do together.

If every single woman or young lady will say no to a cheating man then the level of cheating will be reduced in our society but that is a fallacy.

If your man cheats do not blame you totally because he knew what he was getting into, if you can forgive him without suspecting him in the future that will be great if you cannot please just walk away because staying in that kind of relationship will bring more harm than good.

I hope I have answered some of your questions on why men cheat, if you have any other questions or views please drop it in the comment box.

Written by Jennifer Umoru


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