Femi Otedola: Matharoo sisters apologise to billionaire [video]

Femi Otedola: Matharoo sisters apologise to billionaire [video]

The notorious Matharoo sisters

The Matharoo sisters have apologised to Femi Otedola in a new video and have sworn not to enter the country again.

The Matharoo sisters Kiran and Jyoti who were arrested by the police for attempting to blackmail and extort Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola have apologised to him.

The sisters who were revealed as the owners of the infamous site Naija Gist Live, which was known for blackmailing rich Nigerians and publishing damning stories about them, released a video today where they apologised to Otedola and other Nigerians they had cyberbullied with their site.

The sisters were arrested after a phone number linked to the now defunct Naija Gist Live was traced to Eko Hotel where the sisters were. The police seized other electronics from them.

Kira and Jyoti signed affidavits confirming that they were the culprits and that they were never coming back to Nigeria.



The webmaster of Naija Gist Live who helped the sisters run the site was caught by the police in October. 

Baudex (real name Babatunde Oyebode) is a 23-year old man who the police authorities said was the brain behind the website back then.


Baudex was arrested on Monday, October 24, 2016. It was reported that last week he posted a story about Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola, his wife Nana and their son.

According to the report, he extorted thousands of dollars from the rich couple in order to take down the post.

Jyoti Matharoo was rumoured to be the mistress of Nigerian billionaire Musa Danjuma.


In 2015, actress Caroline Danjuma who is married to Musa Danjuma got into a nasty fight with Jyoti Matharoo on Instagram.


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