Femi Otedola: Lavish Canadian sisters detained for allegedly extorting billionaire

Femi Otedola: Lavish Canadian sisters detained for allegedly extorting billionaire

The notorious Matharoo sisters

Jyoti and Kira Matharoo have been nabbed by authorities for allegedly extorting Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola.

Canadian sisters Kiran and Jyoti Matharoo have been detained in Lagos, Nigeria by authorities after the pair were accused of blackmailing and extorting Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola.

The sisters are said to have evidence of Femi Otedola cheating on his wife. Kiran and Jyoti who are from Toronto have also been reportedly accused of blackmailing up to 200 people in Africa. Femi Otedola is the father of popular Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Cuppy.


According to a statement sent via e-mail from Global Affairs Canada to CTV News consular services are being provided to the sisters.


After appearing in court on Friday, December 23, 2016, Kiran and Jyoti are scheduled to be in court on Monday, January 26, 2016.


This is not the first time the Matharoo sisters are popping up in Nigeria’s societal scene. Jyoti Matharoo was rumoured to be the mistress of Nigerian billionaire Musa Danjuma.

In 2015, actress Caroline Danjuma who is married to Musa Danjuma got into a nasty fight with Jyoti Matharoo on Instagram.


Caroline Danjuma made a post on Instagram which seemed to take shots at Jyoti.

"This is a direct message to all the mother fuckers #preferred mistresses #sluts #agents of hell…paying their useless bloggers to write shit about my husband and i….i am titanium, u can’t break my home, not even the devil with its powers can…. My marriage is ordained by God…. N for your info I am fully behind my man #team musa..” she wrote.


The fight started when someone tagged Jyoti Matharoo on the picture. The alleged mistress commented on the picture with a kiss print smiley which enraged Caroline Danjuma.

In January 2016, Jyoti got into another Instagram fight. Social media maven Bizzle Osikoya shared a picture on his Instagram page which  said “I’m see a lot of imported girls posting first class flights and Lagos pictures. Una still get market?


Somebody commented and mentioned Jyoti Matharoo and her sister Kiran as ‘runs girls’ who are taking clients away from Lagos runs girls.

Jyoti saw the mention and decided to reply. Soon enough the back and forth was quick with several shots taken.


The Matharoo sisters are known for depicting a lavish lifestyle on Instagram. Some websites have labelled them the Canadian Kardashians. Kiran Matharoo has 20,000 followers on Instagram while Jyoti has over 40,000 followers. They are quite known in the social circles of Nigeria’s upper class.


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