Erotic Story/The Dark Series: Niyi & Tara’s big fight [Part 6]

Erotic Story/The Dark Series: Niyi & Tara’s big fight [Part 6]

The Dark Series

Madam has brought Stephanie to a God forsaken house that looks like a big sex club with rooms pre-booked with monsters waiting

Thoughts all scrambled as the monster walked towards Stephanie. She just closed her eyes and said a silent prayer. He was standing before her now, she could smell his alcohol filled breathe.

For a moment, she felt he wasn’t going to do anything and was tempted to open her eyes but then she felt his hand on her throat. What was he going to do, choke her? Then he started running his fingers down her body, he took a pause when he got to her boobs.

His finger was pressing right through her shirt between her cleavage. Damn, she should have undone her top buttons if she knew this was what was up. Wait, she shouldn’t be indulging him. She was about to be raped for all she knew and there was nothing she could do about it.

His finger left her cleavage and continued its journey downwards. Her shirt was firmly tucked into her skirt but she knew it would cost him little of nothing to pull it out. But he didn’t bother with that. His finger went straight down to the end of her skirt and in one swift move his hand was up her skirt.

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“Hmmm, I love this one. She is dripping already”. He grunted out as his finger reached her panties which was soaked. She shouldn’t be turned on, she should turn around and yell out at Madam and her monster. But right now common sense wasn’t in play, her hormones had taken over.

What was the worst that could happen or how much of a monster was he really? The answer was coming as he tore off her panties and stuck a finger up her pussy. She gasped out and opened her eyes, his chest was right in front of her and she had no choice but hold onto to his shoulders as he started finger fucking her in fury. He was looking for something in her pussy, of that she was sure as her finger went in harder and faster with each second.

“I told you, she is fire”. Madam’s voice seem to have come from another dimension because right now Steph was on earth trying to her mouth in tight to avoid screaming.

“CUM! Cum on my finger, whore”. The monster breathed in her ears. And with that he made it two fingers in her. She couldn’t hold it for long, of that she was sure as she dug her fingers into his arms and gave way to the scream she could no longer hold in.

He didn’t stop even as her orgasm built up and finally start trickling out all over his hands. He wrapped an arm around her waist to avoid her falling to the ground but left his other hand still working her pussy.

Then he finally pulled out of her and she started to try gain back her senses. He wasn’t done as his hand was up back, he was rubbing his palm all over her mouth urging her to open up and she obliged. Her pussy juice was all over his fingers and even she had to admit she tasted good. He stuck two large fingers into her mouth and started fucking her mouth too. His other arm left her waist and was down on her ass slapping her hard before pulling her skirt up once more.

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He was choking her with his fingers and tears were rolling down her eyes but still she was loving it. Then she felt a finger probing her asshole. No, no. He wasn’t going to disvirgin her asshole. For all of her ‘sex-capades’, she had left her asshole out of it. She started to shake her head, trying to get his fingers out her mouth.

“What,bitch?! You don’t wanna be fucked?!” The monster roared.

He yanked his fingers out of her mouth and before she could say another word, she was turned around and pushed on the bed. She wanted to turn around and fight, there was no way he was going to shove his dick up her asshole, not just a dick.

A huge one! She tried to raise up her head and face him but his hand was on her head pressing it into the bed. She screamed but all that came out was muffled sounds. He was slapping her ass hard right now and in all her protests and whimpering, it was turning her on the more.

What the hell was wrong with her? She could hear laughter in the distance. Was madam laughing at her? Was this all her planned from the get go? To get her abused and ass raped? Her pussy didn’t seem to have a problem with it considering how wet it was and how sticky her thighs were.

She gave up fighting and was prepared for the worse when she felt something drilling its way into her pussy. It was his dick and the thought alone made her scream out but once again it was into the bed even though he had loosened up his grip on her head but still.

He kicked her legs further apart as he started the assault on her pussy. She didn’t know if she was cumming with each thrust or there was some sort of liquid been poured all over her pussy. All she was certain of at this moment was she was no longer on earth. Her body might be but her soul was elsewhere, he spanked her ass hard and brought her back to reality as his thrusts were hitting every side of her pelvis.

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Tears were running down her eyes down and she couldn’t tell if it was pain or something else.

“ple-p-pleassssse”. Was all she could whisper and even that could be heard by no one. She gave up. He was in charge and could do whatever he pleased with her body. Suddenly he pulled out of her and turned her around. She was back standing, facing his chest once more but not for long as he laid her back on the bed and grabbed both her legs with one hand. In one swift move they were over his shoulders and his dick was back drilling her its way into her pussy.

This time she could scream out and be heard.

“PLEASE! Stop!.. No , please FUCK ME HARD!!!” She couldn’t say which she wanted more as he was right over her, fucking her pussy like he owned it. Her legs were all up hanging in the air and for some reason she couldn’t say, a smile was playing on her lips as he was groaning over her.

“Cum, let me have all that cum in me, Daddy” She started urging him on as she knew it was her turn to be in charge now. She grabbed his hands which were pooled into the bed right by her side and dug her fingers into them once more. He groaned even more.

“Bitch, your pussy”

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“Yes, Yes. You love it, don’t you?” She said in her most slutful voice and it worked. He turned his face and gave out a loud groan as he was emptying his seed into her. She dug her fingers deeper into his arm till she could feel blood then he stopped and fell onto the bed by her side. She closed her eyes and was breathing heavily now.

He only took a few minutes and he was getting up again, pulling her by the hand. She was standing once more before his chest and was prepared for whatever when.

“Leave the room for us, J” Madam said.

The monster grunted but didn’t argue, he only stared at Steph for a while and walked out of the room, and there was Madam smiling.


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