Erotic Story/Minxie B: The Rebound with Blessing and her boo

Erotic Story/Minxie B: The Rebound with Blessing and her boo


After the double date with Cher and her boo, Lily accidentally said "I love you" to Henry which opened several cans of worm which is now a delicate situation

‘C’mon give it to me’ Cher said almost pleading as she tried to pry the Nutella jar out of my hands

“It’s pointless” Blessing said rolling her eyes

It’s been two weeks, she needs to get out of this mess of a house and it’s annoying I’ve got a flight to catch in an hour.

“Don’t worry I’ve got this, I’m taking her out tonight”

“Right” I heard Cher say in a familiar tone I know so well, she doesn’t like Blessing very much.

“Okay I’ll leave you two to it” Cher said grabbing her bag and kissing my cheek.

“Please bring back my Lily alright”

“Alright Lily dear” Blessing started walking towards me.

“It’s been two weeks, we’re going out and that’s the end of it”

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Yes! It’s been two weeks since I stupidly said I love Henry and it had been awkward afterwards which forced us to have ‘the talk’ which ended in him sort of breaking up with me in his words, I was confusing.

First, I leave for not wanting more, then get back when he gets that and pull the love word out of nowhere. Okay, maybe he had a point but it was partly his fault too being annoying nice and also fucking hot and cold at the same frigging time.

We had a great thing before love or whatever it is I thought I felt had to ruin it

It’s ready, I heard Blessing say she had ran me a bath

I took a long warm bath wallowing for a bit before Blessing dragged me out, I threw on a tee shirt on jean and wore a very comfortable sneakers blessing had picked out

“Now what” I said looking uninterested

We go get your hair done she said a bit too excited

Blessing took me to her favorite saloon where we took out my weave and ended up curling my hair, then she took me shopping, that cheered me up a bit. We stopped at a restaurant and grabbed lunch.

“You really liked him, didn’t you?” she started sounding like a mum trying to tell her child her favorite pet died.

“Yeah, I guess I did which I shouldn’t have and you’re right. I need to move on so I am down with whatever you have planned tonight plus it’s been a while since we had a girls night out not mention what a great wingman you are” I said trying to look excited it was obvious she was blushing a little.

Blessing had a whole day planned because we were getting tickets and popcorn to see a movie in a cinema inside a really cute plaza, two hours went by with me not really paying attention to the movie, the last time I was at a cinema was with Henry watching a romcom with me giving him a hand job.

“That movie was awesome, saw what the girl did with his stuff towards the end” Blessing went on and on about the movie before stopping.

“You were not really watching, were you? Hey, let’s check out their swatch shop” She started excitedly.

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“To get me or your boyfriend a watch” I said with obvious sarcasm I immediately regretted as she began to stutter.

“I’m kidding let’s get wine from the supermarket” I said laughing

“I say this with love” she started feigning a stern face, “You might just have a drinking problem”

“Oh tell me what I don’t know” I rolled my eyes dragging her to the supermarket

We got home after an hour of window shopping.

“I’ve got to go home, but promise me you’ll be ready when I come get you”

“You want me to pinky swear to it” I laughed.

“Don’t worry you already picked out my outfit, I just need to put my hot self in it” I smirked

I popped open one of the wine bottle I got and headed to my studio, it’s been long I felt sad about someone and it’s okay I am going to move on, I mixed some paint and got painting.

My phone beeped making me leave my piece since I started, it was a text from Blessing, she wanted to ask if her boyfriend come along he wanted to but it was cool if I said no.

“Sure” I replied and went downstairs to get ready it was almost 10 and they would get here any moment.

I took a quick shower and applied my makeup and went to throw on what Blessing had picked out, it was a really sexy wine colored body con that showed a ridiculous amount of cleavage.

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She sure wants me to go for the kill tonight, but what I loved most was the shoes, they were an amazing sets of creepers with an at least four inch heels. I loved what I saw in the mirror, I poured myself a glass of wine and sat to wait for them, they got to my place about 10 minutes later, after the initial awkwardness we were on our way to the club.

We got a booth but I opted to go sit at the bar, what’s worse than being sad from hurt feelings is being a third wheel.

I got to the bar and ordered for two shots after downing both I heard a guy who came to sit beside me ask good or bad

“What?” I asked somewhat confused to which, he replied

“People do shots mostly because there are having a bad time and want to get drunk fast or having a good time and want to get drunk fast so which is it he asked”

“Could be both, is that a pick up line you use often because it’s cheesy as fuck” I laughed

“Ouch” he said clenching his chest almost comical

“I’m Ayomide but you can call me Ayo”

“Cool, I am Esther” I said smiling

“So why are you here, Esther”

I looked him in the eyes and said rebound sex and watched him swallow hard, boy was it satisfying.

Few shots after that we were all over each other in the parking lot, he pushed me to the side of the car his body crushing against mine and kissing me feverishly, his hand behind my neck held on tight as he pushed his tongue down my throat.

He let his hand down cupping my boobs, I wasn’t wearing a bra and good thing about body cons; they are like a second skin, he squeezed hard moaning into my ears as he squeezed hard on my nipples I was getting really wet.

I ran my hands through his hair making him kiss my neck, he reached around and grabbed my ass squeezing slightly.

He turned me around pulled my dress up to my waist and spanked me and said.

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‘You’ve been a bad bad girl’ for a second I got an awful flash back, I turned around and pulled down my dress.

“I am really sorry” I started

“I can’t do this” I said practically running back into the club, frantically searched for Blessing and found her dancing with her boyfriend, I raced amidst dancers to her

“We need to go, I can’t do this”


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