Erotic Story/Minxie B: The Double Date with Cher

Erotic Story/Minxie B: The Double Date with Cher


Cher has begun stressing Lily again, asking for another double date, and this time Henry has decided to be even more adventurous under the table.

“What are you smiling for? “

Cher asked rather loudly forcing me to look up and offer an excuse so she won’t start prying annoyingly.

I was chatting with Henry and it was weirdly making me smile sheepishly which is not a good sign, but can you blame me? I’ve spent quite a lot of time with him and gotten to know more of his sweet romantic side and also his other side and somehow the combination of both is making me grow very fond of him.

“No! No! No! Don’t do that” I scrambled up trying to get my phone back from Cher as she ran around reading my chat.

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“Looks like I missed a lot” she said breathlessly after I caught up and took back my phone.

“You really like this guy don’t you Lily” She continued

“Just drop it” I snapped jokingly, we have a nice thing going but it’s not what you’re thinking.

“Whatever you say” She rolled her eyes

But maybe she has a point, what if there more to what we have or did I want more, this is bad.

“Let’s go on another double date” Cher said excitedly. When she’s like that’s there’s no saying no to her.

“Sure I’ll ask if his free”

I texted him and he was cool with it and would pick me up; still my formal beau

Very few things get me nervous and one of those is getting ready for a date with Henry, it’s almost frustrating.

I need to get my head back in place, I picked out a deep red gown that had a long slit in the front and a beautiful neckline; I just have a thing for plunging necklines for the love of cleavage.

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I curled and styled my hair, applied light makeup and stepped into the dress, reached for a pair of shoes that I bought and have been waiting to wear, it was about 6 inches and had creeping straps to die for. I spent about 15minutes taking selfish in front of the mirror when my phone beeped, it was Henry.

I opened the door with him in yet another tailored suit that almost looked like the one he was wearing when we first met, I rolled my eyes and said

“Some people be doing the most” reaching out to kiss him

“Jealous much” he snickered, he’s so cute.

I grabbed my purse and we walked out hand in hand with him opening the door for me, I should really not get too used to this

“You two are so cute together” Cher went on and on. I knew this double date was a bad idea

“Oh, it’s not me. It’s her! She’s the cute one” Henry said holding me closer and kissing my cheek, and yet they say I am the cute one.

“More wine” I motioned to the waiter, I am just too sober for this.

We refilled our glasses and continued with the chit chat when I felt his hand move up into the slit that stopped on my thigh. I looked up and he was seriously talking cars with Cher’s boyfriend, he pulled gently on my leg making me part my legs allowing him more room to explore.

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Cher had joined the conversation, so I picked my drink and chipped in, not that I know that much about cars. He moved up till he got to my panties then stopped leaving his hand resting on my inner thigh and his fingers poking my pussy through my lacy panties, I just wanted to push his hands in.

I carefully poured myself a drink and as I brought the glass to my mouth he shifted my panties and pushed his finger into my slightly wet pussy, it took all I had not to gasp or pour my drink on myself, I looked at him and he had a wicked smile on.

He wants to play games? Then game on.

I looked up at Cher and her boyfriend

‘So, Biodun how was the getaway, I heard you made a new friend’

“You won’t believe it but he was also into” he started spewing some nerdy words I wasn’t paying attention to. I reached and brushed over Henry crutch feeling the outline of his dick, as I reached for his zipper.

I heard Cher say “Oh, look at the time”

“I know right!” How time flies when you’re having fun he said looking at me.

“Umhm” I frowned motioning at the waiter

“Will see you tomorrow, I had a great time” I said hugging Cher and said goodnight to Biodun

We drove in silence and he took the route to his house, on getting there he got me a drink, made me sit down and said to wait a minute while he went into his room.

20 minutes passed and he came back out wearing just his trousers. He took the glass from me and literally swept me off the ground as I stood up and carried me to the room amidst my chuckles.

I swallowed hard as we stepped into the room, it was dimly lit with petals on the bed and that scent I can’t place the fuck is this the first time.

I opened my mouth to speak but he covered it with his, kissing me gently and placed me on the bed. He kissed me deeper slipping his hands under my dress to cup my boobs and slightly squeezing my nipples it was damn erotic.

He slowly pulled off my panties took off his trousers and traced his hands up my thigh to my pussy slowly circling before putting a finger in, he took my book and sucked so gently.

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He gathered my dress up and pushed his whole length in filling me, I wrapped my legs around him and he started to move, slowly at first till he worked up a rhythm with my hips moving in sync, I wanted him so badly.

He kissed my neck hard, squeezing my boob with one hand, I grabbed on the sheets and bit my lower lip hard, I was close and he could feel it, he moved in deeper and faster making me grab his neck keeping his head kissing and biting my neck, my fingers were digging into him and I was close.

I held unto him tightly as I came really hard screaming out his name and that’s when I heard it, my voice saying ‘I love you’

Oh shit!


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