Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies: Interwined mystery [Part 7]

Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies: Interwined mystery [Part 7]

Marvis Dairies

The internal squabbles in the family have begun and Maureen has just realised how randy this entire family can be despite the death.

Chief’s daughter has been too nice lately and it’s scaring me, Maureen thought. Ever since Alexia came in saw Mau naked she has been craving to have her and the only way to get on Maureen’s good side is by being nice to her.

So she will check in her every now and then, bring her food in bed, take out her clothes for laundry and even ask her to step out with her. They are both of the same age so people around felt they were just bonding. Even when Ronke visited she confirmed that Alexia is up to something.

The inspector in charge of the case came early before the family lawyer to tell the family his findings. He explained that it was a calculated crime, whoever’s committed it planned himself well, no foot print, no sign of force entry.

The finger marks on the corners of his lips indicates that his mouth was covered to prevent sounds, that explains why his wife didn’t hear him scream. In all after running the forensic on the murder weapon we found nothing. No finger prints, which indicates that the killer wore gloves.

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Everybody is a suspect till we find the killer, please do not resist invitation to the station for questioning thanks. With that he left the apartment.

They were still pondering over what the inspector said when the family lawyer came in, he told them he met with the inspector outside and heard everything he had to say about the late chief’s cause of death.

He told everyone one not panic as he will make sure that the culprit is apprehended. He greeted everyone present and in the absence of every other thing, he proceeded to read the Will. Chief has given his daughters each the houses he has in dolphin, Parkview and Osborne Estate Ikoyi respectively.

The first and the second daughter to spearhead the company in Port Harcourt and Enugu, while Alexia is to spearhead the company in Uyo. To Daniel he gave the houses in Chevy view estate and VGC, the companies in Ghana and South Africa.

To Junior he left the houses in the UK and also 40 percent shares of Lawson and Son’s Ltd making him the Director of the company. To Maureen he left the mansion in Banana Island, the house in New York and L.A, 40 percent of shares for Lawson and sons making her the MD of the company.

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He gave his ex-wife 10 percent of his monetary value and a house in Magodo, his family 30 percent of his monetary value, 20 percent to his wife and the remaining 40 percent for his children. He instructed that the accounts in U.K and be handed over to his children, while his wife be given the account in New York and that Junior should be made the chairman of the company when he marries and gets his first son.

He also instructed that the family should continue to receive their allowances from the company irrespective of what they received from him and no alterations should be made as regards to the post given to his wife and children. With that he ended the reading. After giving the appropriate documents to the app persons he left the house.

Ronke visited in the evening as they agreed to spend few days with her, Daniel ushered her in and ceased the opportunity to see Mau whom has been avoiding him since the last incident.

He had tried his possible best for them to be able to meet one on one but Mau always beat him to it, seeing Ronke now is a great opportunity to meet with her. He took her to Mau’s room and stayed with them a little to gist, they discussed about random things.

Ronke got bored and suggested that they play a game, just then Alexia entered and declared interest to join the game, shy Daniel wanted to opt out but they all insisted he stay back but he got an important call and left so the girls were left all by themselves.

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The games began they did first round truth the switched to dare, Alexia dared Maureen to strip her and eat her up, Maureen looked at Ronke then proceeded to strip Alexia, she unstrapped her wrap dress and unclad Alexia smiled, she wasn’t actually putting on any undies

‘Oh Lawd’ Mau gasped, Alexia has a very beautiful body, she’s a size 6 with mad ass and hips with sizeable boobs.

Mau pushed her down and started teasing, she teased for a while then proceeded to eat her up, and when the act started Ronke knew the game is over. The sight was getting erotic and Ronke couldn’t help but join the queue, she stripped herself and sat on Alexia’s face, so while Mau worked on Alexia, Alexia worked on her.

Then noticing that Maureen was left out went on a 69 position with Alexia on top, Mau sat close to Alexia’s head with her legs spread very wide, Alexia inserted a dildo into Mau’s pussy and worked on her whilst she ate Ronke out.

They were all giving muffled sounds, they continued working on each other till the girls in 69 position climaxed, they then took turns to eat Mau out till she climaxed.

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