Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Mrs. Chika, my favorite ‘teacher'[Part 3]

Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Mrs. Chika, my favorite ‘teacher'[Part 3]

Crazy Lenny

Lenny's lust for his teacher is about to become a reality in what seem to be an accidental spill during their private session.

I walked to school on Monday scared of what might happen. How should I react if I passed Mrs. Chika in the corridor? Wouldn’t everyone see something was going on by my body’s reaction to her? I got to school and quietly went through the day.

I was handed the note just before my last class. It read simply, "Mrs. Chika has requested you come to her office immediately after school today." It was signed by the vice-principal. The last class of the day was a waste as I couldn’t stop thinking about what was going to happen after school that day.

The last bell rang and I went directly to Mrs. Chika’s office.

I entered her office and shut the door behind me to try and give ourselves privacy. She immediately apologized to me for how she ended things on Friday and that helped put me at ease. She continued, "I did a lot of thinking over the weekend and had initially decided that we should end our lesson sessions.

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However, upon further thought I realized that since you will be starting university soon perhaps it would be best to change the focus of our lesson sessions to best prepare you for the challenges that you will face there.

Many freshers in university are overwhelmed by university life and the lectures and cannot handle it. I know that you are very intelligent and will probably have no problems, but I would feel better if you allow me to try to get you as prepared as I can for university. What do you think?"

As I listened I tried to understand exactly what she was saying. Since I entered her office she hadn’t said anything about our encounter that would seem weird if overheard by someone else. Her question about lessons also would not sound odd to an outsider, however I was particularly interested in the way she emphasized certain phrases and couldn’t help but think that the entire question was a coded way of asking me if I wanted to continue our newly established sexual relationship.

I thought about my answer and said, "I think that sounds great. I really appreciate the extra effort that you are offering to put into our lesson sessions." As I said that Mrs. Chika smiled seductively at me and I was sure that I hadn’t misread the situation. I continued, "When do you think we should begin?"

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She told me that we shouldn’t continue our sessions in a secondary school setting because she wanted to get me in a university frame of mind. I agreed and we decided to meet Friday evening after school and that she would take me on a quick tour of a nearby university campus. We parted with a simple handshake but we both were looking forward to the "lesson" arrangement held.

The week seemed to drag. Hours seemed like days. Finally Friday arrived and when the bell rang, I almost ran up to Mrs. Chika’s office. She greeted me very professionally and asked if I was ready. I could barely contain my excitement as I said yes and we headed out to her car. As she drove me to the university she began to tell me about how most students fail at university not because of the lectures but because of the new lifestyle and freedom, both sexual and otherwise.

She said her goal was to try and expose me to as many aspects of the campus lifestyle as possible so I wouldn’t be surprised or be tempted to skip my studies when I got to university.

As she was saying this she pulled into one of the parking lots at the campus and got out of the car. For the next hour she showed me around campus and gave me many important pieces of information about what to do when I arrived at university.

When we returned to her car, I thought I noticed her mood change slightly. She began talking again about campus life and how she felt it was particularly the sexual freedom of it that caused the most problems for freshers who were unprepared. I explained that teens that have lived under mom and dad’s roof are suddenly totally free and able to date and/or fuck as much as they want.

I wasn’t sure where she was going with this, but I was very aroused to hear her talking so openly about sex. She asked if I understood and I said, "I think so."

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"Good," she replied. "Now it was my understanding from last week that you haven’t had much experience sexually with women. Is that correct?"

I nodded.

"See, I think that could be a problem for you next year. There are going to be a lot of women out to get into as many guys’ trouser as possible and someone with no experience can get overwhelmed and lose their way."

I asked, "So, what can we do about that?" I knew it sounded tacky, but I had to know where Mrs. Chika was heading with this.

She looked directly into my eyes and said, "I think that in the time we have left I want to give you as much experience as I can." I nearly came in my trouser when she said that to me. The woman who had been the object of many of my fantasies had basically just said that she wanted to fuck me as many times as I could before I leave for university.

I weakly replied, "That sounds great." she laughed at the complete lameness of my reply and pulled out of the parking lot. She headed the car to a deserted area. She parked the car inside the bush and told me to get in the backseat.

As she climbed in the backseat she leaned over and started to lick my ear. She gently flicked my lobe with her tongue and ran her tongue along all the folds of my ear.

I moaned at this unexpected advance. She kept this up for a brief time and then moved her lips very close to my ear and whispered very softly, "It’s time for your first lesson."

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With that she leaned over my lap and started to unbuckle my trouser. I helped and quickly we had removed my trouser and boxers so that I was naked from the waist down. She again bent over my lap and started kissing and licking my thighs.

With a slight shift in her position her head was positioned at the end of my hard dick. Just before she bent down to take me into her mouth she made eye contact with me and said, "Don’t worry about cumming. Just let yourself go and enjoy what I am doing to you."

As soon as she finished speaking she parted her lips slowly and wrapped them around the very tip of my dick. She tickled the tip briefly with her tongue and could already taste my pre-cum. She removed her mouth and moved her head underneath my dick. She began to gently kiss and lick the underside of my dick from the tip to my balls.

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