Download: CartelSons – Originals (Unreleased & Remixes)

Download: CartelSons – Originals (Unreleased & Remixes)

CartelSons - Originals (Unreleased & Remixes)

CartelSonsOriginals (Unreleased & Remixes) mp3, zip download’



1 –Roscoe, Neoh. If It Ain’t About The Money. (Unreleased)
2 –Roscoe, Mac Lucci, Neoh & A-Dub. Bosses Only Part.1. (Prod by Cartelsons).
3 –Lil Woofy Woof. Back In The Dayz. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Unreleased).
4 –E-White, Shade Sheist, Kam & Dion. The West Part.2 (Prod by Cartelsons).
5 –2Pac. Watch Ya Mouth. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Remix).
6 –Nate Dogg I Got Love (Prod by The Light) (Remix).
7 –Baby S. I’m Not (Prod by Cartelsons) (Remix).
8 –Snoop Dogg, Shade Sheist. Act Right (Prod by Cartelsons (Remix).
9 –Pilot P. Million Dollar Dreams. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Original).
10 –Tekneek, Dj Promo. Can U Hear Me. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Unreleased).
11 –Mr. Criminal, Lil Yogi, Sicc2Sicc. End Of The Beef. (Prod by Cartelsons & Mr O) (Original).
12 –2Pac, Half Deezy. Thug Nigga. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Remix).
13 –Kokane, Crooked I, Moe-Z. Don’t Trust You. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Original).
14 –Eboi. Kill It. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Remix).
15 –2Pac, Lil Woofy Woof. War Games. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Remix).
16 –NME. Clowns. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Original).
17 –E-White, Bad Azz, Moe-Z. U Neva Believed. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Original).
18 –Tekneek, Bobby Debarge. Cold Shoulder. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Unreleased).
19 –Soopafly. From Nuthin To Sumthin. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Freestyle).
20 –Lil Woofy Woof. Please Don’t Judge Me. (Jeffrey Smith Remix).
21 –Tekneek. Ride and Push. (Prod by Cartelsons & Tekneek) Unreleased)
22 –Lil Woofy Woof. Ain’t No Justice. (Prod by Cartelsons) (Unreleased)


Download: CartelSons – Originals (Unreleased & Remixes)


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