Dear Undergraduate: A lecturer who’s proud of your failure doesn’t deserve your respect

Dear Undergraduate: A lecturer who’s proud of your failure doesn’t deserve your respect

What type of mentor is proud when his student can't pass?

Nigerian lecturers have a reputation for bragging about the failure of their students, and it has become nothing short of an epidemic.

"It is not easy to get an ‘E’ in my course".

If you attended a Nigerian tertiary institution, you’ve probably heard this.

A significant amount of Nigerian lecturers in seeing their students fail. You hear them take pride in saying stuff like "see you next year", or "you’re finished", and this begs the question.

Why are some lecturers happy when their students fail?

Nigerians generally have a problem I like to call sufferhead mentality. Nigerians feel that anything that’s not hard is not valid. Some lecturers find validation in the fact that students fail a course they seem to have mastered.


This mentality is a problem.

Teachers are mentors. They are people who should guide students on the path to course the rest of their lives when they labour market and beyond.

When they fail at these, they fail at their jobs. But this again points to one thing, caring takes a significant amount of caring. How many lecturers truly care? How many of them care that perhaps, it might be that their teaching methods are the problem since it’s outdated?

How many of them took teaching jobs not because of their passion for teaching, but because it was the available job at the time? For the ones who became lecturers by circumstance, it’s hard to blame them. Nigeria doesn’t leave you with much choice. But for those of them who brag about the failure rate of their students, not only are they failures at their jobs.

They are also not deserving of your respect.


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