Daily Horoscope, December 31, 2016: What your Zodiac sign says today

Daily Horoscope, December 31, 2016: What your Zodiac sign says today

Here's a short forecast for the 12 zodiac signs.


Watch your step today because you might kid yourself and it’s just as easy for somebody else to deceive you, whether on purpose or inadvertently. Your judgment and energy are off and you can probably feel this. Tread carefully.


Be slow in asserting yourself with others, especially with friends or a group. You might think you know what you’re doing but many people are off their game today. Lots of situations are confusing. Be careful.


You have been ambitious and eager to go after what you want but today, you should slow down a little and make sure you know what is ahead of you. All is not as it seems. Therefore, when in doubt, do nothing.


Do not fall for smooth talk, especially about politics, religion or race today. Trust your own heart and your own good judgment. Deep inside you will know what is right and wrong.


This is not the day for making important decisions about inheritances, shared property and such because you will not know how to fight for your best interests. Do not get involved with disputes about financial matters. Discuss this some other day.


Avoid making important decisions with partners and close friends today, especially agreeing on anything important because issues are confusing. Meanwhile, someone else might change their mind in the middle of the day; forgive them because today things are pretty fuzzy.


You might be sure of what you want to achieve today but you might change your mind halfway through the job so cut yourself some slack. And do the same for others too. Mars is lined up with Neptune.


Parents should be vigilant about their kids today, especially regarding food and poisonous substances or liquids. Take nothing for granted. Likewise, romantic relationships are totally out of touch today.


Although someone might be adamant about what they want to do, it’s quite likely that things will change because nothing is clear. Family matters are quite confusing today and you can feel this. Knowing this, just keep things light and avoid important decisions.


You might be feeling indecisive today. You don’t know whether to go or to stay, whether to be with someone or be alone. The fact that a lot of people are feeling the same might be of some comfort to you. Don’t worry about it.


This is not the day for important financial decisions because things are quite confusing and you are not in the loop of things. This is made worse by the fact that you may convince yourself that you know what you want to do, when in fact, you don’t. Don’t deceive yourself about anything because it might cost you money.


Don’t be hard on yourself because you are feeling confused and indecisive. A lot of people feel this way today so you are not alone. Your ruler Neptune is lined up with Mars, and neither of them knows what to do when they get in the same room.


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