Daily Horoscope, December 25, 2016: What your Zodiac sign says today

Daily Horoscope, December 25, 2016: What your Zodiac sign says today

Here's a short forecast for the 12 zodiac signs.


It’s a friendly, feel-good day so enjoy mixing with everyone especially close friends and partners. For those involved in group activities, it will be successful. It is also a great day to discuss future plans for travelling but remembers it’s a moon alert.


You look great in the eyes of others today as people see you as affluent, charming, inventive, original plus solid, stable and reliable. Enjoy it!


This is a great day to relate with people from different cultures and countries, as well as enjoying new, foreign locations. Discussions about travel will also be exciting and ambitious all the same, avoid taking action today because it is a Moon Alert.


Gifts, goodies and favours will come your way today, making it a profitable day for you. In fact, some of these benefits will really surprise you. It is also a passionately romantic day. All the same, try to avoid making serious decisions especially financial decisions today.


Fair Venus is opposite your sign, guaranteeing charming interactions with everyone so it’s a perfect day to mix with others but brace for a few surprises. You also might have a serious discussion with someone about practical matters and future security.


You will be happy being yourself no matter how busy the day gets because Venus ensures that you are pleased to work at whatever you’re doing. You will not get worked up if you have to work and help out. Quite the opposite feeling for you today.


Today is a particularly charming, social, fun-loving day and you will enjoy the company of children. You would also enjoy mixing with loved ones. It’s a great day for the arts, movies, musical performances and such.


You will be extremely pleased with whatever you do with home and family today. It’s also a great day to bask in the beauty of your surroundings. Brace for some delightful surprises at home. Meanwhile, discussion with an older family relative will be meaningful.


Your ability to communicate and socialise with others today is in top form! This is mainly because you are in such a positive frame of mind. It is not only a good day to talk to others, but it’s also a great day to write if for any reason you choose to do so. You are brimming with original ideas!


It’s also a Moon Alert day which coincides with a holiday; nevertheless,  it’s a financially advantageous day for your sign. Some of you will actually boost your earnings but it’s a poor day to make important financial decisions.


Fair Venus is in your sign, dancing beautifully with lucky Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. All is good for you and you feel happy, upbeat and ready for the unexpected. You are also happy to pitch in and work to make things flow smoothly for everyone.


This is a secret, private, pleasing day for you in some ways and you are giddy about something in a personal sense. On the whole, this is a popular time of year for you. Listen to the warning of the Moon Alert to avoid shortages.


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