Daily Horoscope, December 24, 2016: What your Zodiac sign says today

Here's a short forecast for the 12 zodiac signs.


You see ways of expanding your horizons and plans for furthering your education and travelling are exciting, sensible and practical. This has nothing to do with being rash or impulsive because you have a plan and as a result of this plan, you will become more informed about the world.


You are pulling together a lot of financial information related to shared property, inheritances, taxes, debt and, perhaps, insurance although it wasn’t planned. You’re now ready to face this situation which has been so easy to put off.


Discussions with partners and close friends will be enlightening. They are suggesting a different way of doing things and this new arrangement will be better because a lot of thought has gone into it even though it might be considered unusual but you like unusual.


Although you are sceptical about the changes you want to introduce at work because they are modern and unusual, everyone is ready for them. Perhaps these changes are to your own work style? If this is the case,  you are more than ready for this change.


Your dealings with your kids are practical and inventive just as creative change involves practical applications as well as out-of-the-box thinking. It cannot be just one without the other.


You are brimming with bright, clever ideas about how to make improvements on the home front. Although these improvements might be a bit beyond what you originally considered, it’s definitely worth it. You might as well go all the way if you’re going to introduce something new or improve something.


Fortunately for many of you who are caught in the throes of job changes and residential moves, you have the vision to see new and different ways of doing things right now and they are actually doable. It’s definitely something you can live with.


The changes you are making to your earnings as well as other things that you own, are for the better, although in a way, you wonder if they’re too radical, or wonder if you are going too far? Definitely not! Change always shakes up things, even change for the better.


You have been on a steady path for a while now and it’s almost out of a sense of duty because you want to do the right thing. However, you now see that you have more possibilities open to you in the future than you dreamed. It’s all well and good.


Going through your possessions and giving things up is scary for you but now you see that it is actually bringing you a greater sense of freedom. Not only freedom from the responsibility of caring for things but the freedom of new possibilities to come.


You take your responsibility to a group very seriously. You respect your friends and you respect your involvement with the group but you also see new, exciting ways to do things, and what’s better, the others will endorse you.


You are being seen as reliable, conscientious and hardworking at this time and you are. However, you will find out that there are ways that you can garner greater freedom for yourself in the future and this is both exciting and promising!


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