Crazy World: Kenyan man caught having sex with goat

Crazy World: Kenyan man caught having sex with goat

Sex with goat

A man caught in Kenya while having sex with a goat says he prefers the animals as woman could give him HIV.

A 23-year-old Kenyan man, Otieno Jalango, who was arrested for having sex with his neighbour’s goat, has said that he felt safer with the animal instead of contacting the HIV Virus from a woman.

eDaily reports that Jalango who was arrested in the South East Muhuru area in Nyatike Sub-County, Migori County, confessed that he regularly engages in sexual activities with animals because he fears to contract the disease.

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When he was asked why he had sex with the goat, Jalango allegedly told the told Muhuru East Location Chief Jim Kawa:

“I have sex with animals because I fear contracting HIV. Animals cannot contract HIV, unlike humans. Sex with animals is, therefore, safer.”

Kawa told eDaily that Jalango was handed over to him by irate residents who claim they are worried about their livestock following the suspects’ confession, saying action must be taken against the suspect as he had confessed that he had had sex with many animals in the area including sheep, donkeys and dogs.

Chief Kawa said the suspect, who is a casual labourer in the area, is of sound mind and does not have any mental disorder or is he spiritually possessed like the residents suggested.

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However, plans are underway to conduct medical tests on Jalango to ascertain his mental status before initiating legal action against him.


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