Christmas: How to get your friend a recession proof hamper this holiday

Christmas: How to get your friend a recession proof hamper this holiday

Hampers like this might be getting played out

You don't have to break the bank to give your friends a hamper this festive season.

It’s three days to Christmas.

This is the season of hampers. In 2016, the traditional hamper with a bunch of food items and other meaningless things is played out.

If you have cash you can splurge go ahead and buy expensive gift items in your hamper but if you are feeling the recession like 98% of us Nigerians then your hamper should be more of quality and quantity.

For those who want to give a tiny hamper to someone they care about without spending a fortune, Pulse Gist has listed five practical things you can put in your little hamper.


1) Power Bank

PHCN is not doing a good job right now. A lot of parts in Nigeria will not have power supply during the festive period and that sucks. In your hamper, get your friend or loved on a N3, 000 power bank to help charge mobile phones during the Holidays. There is nothing more thoughtful than that and it’s cheap too.


2) Detox Tea

Don’t front you, during this period your friend is going to eat a lot of junk. After all the festivities, he or she is going to need to get all that toxic stuff from your body. The best thing to give your friend is a hamper that has a few packs of detox tea to get rid of all that Christmas chow.


3) 20 movies in one DVD

The Christmas break is at least 2 weeks long and for sure one of these says would be boring. To show, you are a considerate friend, hit the streets and meet one of those pirated DVD vendors. Buy one 20 movies-in-one DVD set to help your friend deal with the boring times.


4) Socks

Nothing gets you ready for the New Year than a pair of fresh socks. This clothing item is rarely expensive unless you want to buy a pair of gold laced socks made in Dubai. Buy a bunch of socks and put in your Christmas hamper.

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5) Ticket to the cinema

After all said and done, gently put a movie ticket in the hamper. Hey, what’s Christmas and New Year like without a trip to the cinemas? Help your friend watch the latest Nollywood/Hollywood blockbuster.


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