Christmas: How to best enjoy the season if you are single

Christmas: How to best enjoy the season if you are single

Single at Christmas? Who says you can't have fun?

This article dwells on the best ways to enjoy your Christmas and holidays… especially when you are single.

The holidays are upon us and regardless of recession, it promises to be fun and sweetness for many people.

For couples who have each other, it’ll be most likely easy to go through the days and nights assured that you have someone to make it all better… someone you can enjoy it all with.

For the single pringles though, the promise of fun might be slightly reduced, given how most of the friends you might have relied on will be stuck with their partners, getting as much fun out of the holiday as they can.

Not to worry though, you can have the best holiday too, even in your singleness.


Here are five suggestions to help you out…

1. Buy yourself loads of gifts

It’s simple. The season is about giving. If you were in a relationship, you would be spending some money on getting your man or babe some nice gift, right?

Now use that money to get yourself something really nice – new lingerie, nice dresses, some nice shirts, new watches, cuff links… Everyone loves new things.

You’ll be surprised at the pleasure you’ll derive from doing this.

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2. Bake

Ok. This tilts a bit towards the feminine side but it is no less valid. If you know how to bake, get to it, and produce some very nice cakes, cookies and all that.

If it’s cooking you love doing, then by all means get to it. The concentration will get your mind off the possible boredom and lack of activity that might come with the holiday.

If you are worried about those that’ll eat the food, there are always neighbours to share with, and in other [better] cases, share with less privileged people!

3. Entertain guests

All your friends can’t be taken so invite the ones that are available and willing over to your place. Throw a little party, have some fun, put your leg up and have some fun.

This could also be a way to get your baked stuff and cooked food consumed. Smart, right?

4. Stay off romcoms

Even if romance and romantic comedies are your favourite genres of movies and books, you’ll be better staying away from them for the duration of the holidays.

Leave that for those who have baes and boos to cuddle with after seeing or reading all the mushy stuff.


You don’t want anything that’ll make you regret or feel bad that you are single and have no one to intimately share the [cold] holiday nights with. So, do yourself the favour and not watch romance or romcoms, especially if you’ve just broken up with your sweetheart.

5. Do stuff you never had time to do

Have you ever wanted to work out, read volumes of books on a particular subject but never had time to do that?

The hols are there for the taking.  Work out like a maniac, there’s time. You also have time to do stuff that time restricted you from doing over the months.


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