Check Out The Gifts Akwa Ibom Speaker Gave To His People (Pics)

Check Out The Gifts Akwa Ibom Speaker Gave To His People (Pics)


Akwa Ibom House of Assembly Speaker Hon. Onofiok Luke held a thanksgiving session in his constituency this week.He lavished his constituents with various gifts.Below is what Akpan wrote…

‘These are gifts from the AKHA Speaker, Hon. Onofiok Luke to his constituents during a Thanksgiving session.
With his status, I think he’s surpassing Akpabio and showing the rest of them politicians in AKS PDP how to be a giver.

As for Gov. Udom, we’ve stopped excusing his stinginess on the basis of being an economist/Accountant.
We know he doesn’t mind spending billions on projects that are personal to him, constructing his Mansions, refurbishing the hospital he was born in, constructing roads that lead to his house, rebuilding the secondary school his wife attended and favouring those students in competitive occasions, etc.

So we know it’s not a matter of lack of money but, Priorities.
For you can tell what matters most to any man from the direction of his investment.

Let him at least pay salaries and pensions that are pending, that’s official, he can hoard the rest of the money for his family, friends and loved ones… Afterall, come 2019, he might have nothing to lose.

VDJ Tflexx

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