Bovi: “I would rather remain indoors than go out” – Comedian

Bovi: “I would rather remain indoors than go out” – Comedian


Bovi has left many of us shocked with his insistence that he is every bit of an introvert contrary to belief.

Contrary to what many of us believe, Bovi Ugboma insists that he is an introvert and not as daring as we assume.

The ace comedian who seems to be the life of the party wherever he finds himself, explains that he would rather stay indoors than go out.

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As ironical as it seems, Bovi told Sunday Scoop during a chat, “I’m actually more melancholy than sanguine, and most things I do revolve around my work. Unlike what you may think based on my public persona, I would rather remain indoors than go out.”

With the rate at which celebrities travel on vacations and the like, it was even more shocking that Bovi would rather stay home than move around.

When asked if he liked to travel outside the country, he said, “Let me be honest with you, I don’t pay attention to travel and tourism. I don’t even go sight-seeing because I’m very introverted. When I’m outside the country, I don’t move around, and I don’t eat foreign food. I’m simply not daring when it comes to things like that.”


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Bovi can easily be described as one of the best comic acts in Nigeria and has made waves in stand-up comedy as well as in movies.

Bovi is happily married to Kris Asimonye, with whom he shares three kids, the last of which they welcomed in October 2016.


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