AVOID These 5 Types Of Women If You Want To Make It Big In Life

AVOID These 5 Types Of Women If You Want To Make It Big In Life


Most marriages these days, last for about 5 years at most, as many individuals tend to have different things that they look out for in their spouses.


The number of years to which a person can tolerate his/her spouse is something that goes into consideration when marriage is involved.


After a recently conducted survey, below are the types of women which many African (including Nigerian) men would rather not marry.

1. Social Media Freak


A couple of African/Nigerian men who were asked the kind of lady they would rather not marry, said most ladies who are always on social media, tend not to have time for the home.


They also expressed fears that because of the age in which we are, most women who have so much to do on social media, tend to flirt more, because they are more accessible.


2. Chatterbox Extraordinaire


The men who were used in the survey, were of the opinion that when ladies talk too much, they have the tendency of saying things that are either wrong, or things that could stir strife.


They were of the opinion that chatterboxes will be very terrible when they are nagging. According to them, a woman who talks too much might lead a man into indulging in domestic violence.


3. The Nympho


S*x is a critical part of every marriage and has been the bane of debates for many years. A lot of people are of the belief that men are the ones who cannot do without $ex, however science tells us otherwise.


The human body differs in terms of the chemistry, however, there are men who have a very high drive for s*x and there are women who have a very great appetite.


For many men, a woman with voracious $exual appetite would have been a delight if we were not talking marriage, but because of what marriages entail, it may not be possible to satisfy that urge. Hence if the lady is not properly satisfied by her husband, she is likely to cheat outside.


4. Party Freak


From the survey, men were of the opinion that a lady who loves to party would not be prudent with cash and would not have time to take care of their family, because all their attention would be on partying.


They were of the opinion that the more a women is open to partying, the lest she cares about what goes on with the children and her husband.

5. Shopaholic


At a time when the world is experiencing economic crisis, many African men are of the opinion that except they have all the money they could not handle, that is the only time they can marry a shopaholic.


Most men are looking for someone who will help build their home and share certain responsibilities, not one who would waste all the resources they have.


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