8 Ways iPhone Theft Mess Will Colour Seun Egbeegbe’s Future

8 Ways iPhone Theft Mess Will Colour Seun Egbeegbe’s Future


This past week (beginning from Tuesday, November 22 when he was mobbed, battered and bloodied following accusations of theft of 9 iPhone handsets valued at N2.8 million), the merry world of movie and music promoter Alhaji Kazeem Olasunkanmi Oluwaseun  (more popularly known as Seun Egbeegbe) has changed in no small measure.

His arraignment at an Ikeja magistrate court  (Lagos) on Thursday, November 22, further established that he was culpable after police investigations, and he faces a long trial where a three year jail term awaits him  if found guilty.
Nollywood star actress Toyin Aimakhu portrays far reaching repercussions.

This embarrassment colours the future of the 40 year old father of two children and husband of two wives in a thousand and one ways.From psychological to social and economic, many areas of his life have been truncated by that singular drama which was well documented with video and pictures of the Abeokuta (Ogun) born socialite.

Therefore,www1.punkvibe.com tabulates 8 of the effects of the shameful scenario from the morning  of Tuesday,November 22 at Computer Village  (Ikeja, Lagos)…

1.He has lost all his bragging right to being a hard working dude.
The suspicion is that the movie and music promotion vocation is a cover up to the possession he parades. Many have effortlessly waved aside all the toiling of 20 years since he started Ebony Films.

2. His cars and lifestyle of being blessed attract more gossip.
The source of his five cars and the merry life he displays will no longer be an inspiration until he is discharged and acquitted by the court.There are remarks that he possibly acquired everything fraudulently.

3. He will suffer from persecution complex and all sorts of mental issues including depression and suicidal thoughts.
For months, everywhere he goes, he will think he’s the object of gossip.  And this will make him less social.  With minimal interaction, he may face depression and think often of suicide.He needs psychological attention as he battles demons.

4. He will be kept at arms length by wary friends and associates who are bewildered by the drama.So, he will miss many business opportunities, and lose a lot of income.

5. The bad vibe will rub off on his two children, two wives, parents, extended family and workers.
They all will endure wicked gossip and embarrassment.

6. The case will drain him financially and emotionally.
Since he needs the services of a good lawyer (which costs a lot of money), a lot of his money will go into settling his legal bill.When the trial starts on February 18, 2017, because of the public interest it has generated, it will drain him emotionally as he faces cross examination which will be well documented.

7. Even after the trial (if he’s lucky to be adjudged innocent), many will dwell on the disgrace for years.
The whiff of the scandal will stick on his skin and togs.He will have to sit many down to explain how he found himself at Computer Village with 9 iPhone handsets he didn’t pay for.

8. And if he’s found guilty, everything will stop.
He will have to adjust to life in prison,as he begins a tough and harrowing journey which will alter his life forever.And if he survives prison and walks out sane, the life he l

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