8 Signs That Shows You’re An Introvert

If any of these qualities sound remotely familiar to you, then check out these 8 surprising signs that could indicate you’re actually an introvert.

1. You Process Social Situations Differently

Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be home alone, reading a book 24/7 (even though that sounds lovely). Being an introvert is about how you choose to process social situations. For example, I am an introvert, a very gregarious introvert, but after spending time at work or around other people, I need a few hours of alone time.

2. You Observe More Than Speak

Introverts could be considered great listeners. Instead of chatting their heads off, they’ll often quietly listen to everyone else speak about their day. Often introverts are described as the ‘observers’ in a group. Taking in their surroundings rather than participating or being in the center.

3. You’re Good At Working Alone

Introverts are often good at getting tasks done. They are refueled by working alone and checking things off of a to-do list. Even though Introverts are most likely considered to be observers doesn’t mean they can’t work well with others. They just prefer to reflect quietly by themselves instead of feeling overwhelmed with hearing everyone else’s thoughts to help creatively solve a problem.

4. You Need To Recharge After Hanging Out With People

You’ll know if you’re an introvert if the thought of an overly social calendar scares you. While you love to hang out with your friends every once in a while, you’ll often go home afterwards and choose to recharge by yourself.

5. You’re Very Cautious When It Comes To Making Decisions

Because introverts love to quietly reflect to themselves about solving problems, they usually tend to be very cautious before making a decision. Introverts exhibit the following: feeling drained or overwhelmed due to many social activities, discomfort in large crowds of people, are generally cautious when making decisions, are often quiet in conversations and may not speak unless spoken to.

6. You Prefer Quiet Environments

“[Introverts] are thought of as shy, enjoy time by themselves, and enjoy a quiet (low stimulation) environment. Being surrounded by hundreds of strangers in a highly stressed environment for a long period of time could be an introvert’s nightmare. While they can most likely handle that type of situation, they’ll need to hibernate and recharge in the comfort of their own home.

7. You’re A Deep Thinker

Just because someone doesn’t talk that often doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to say. Introverts are known to be quiet until they’ve finally connected with someone. The minute they find out that someone has similar interests to them, that’s when introverts won’t stop talking.

8. You Like Being Alone

While extroverts gain energy by surrounding themselves with people, introverts never get bored when they’re home by themselves — they actually prefer it. “[You’re not] shy, but you definitely like being alone.

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