5 Types Of Nigerians Who Own An iPhone7

5 Types Of Nigerians Who Own An iPhone7


Apple has had some trouble getting customers interested in the new iPhone 7 since its launch and that is justifiable, considering the economic hardship being faced by a majority of people in the society.

While very many Nigerians have boycotted the stores vending this new model, there are a few who have defied all odds to purchase the smartphone. We have done some research and found that these few individuals fall under certain categories. Read on to discover the 5 types of Nigerians who own an iPhone 7.

The super-rich

These set of people are not affected by the recession in the country. The have a lot ofmoney and can afford anything that catches their fancy. Getting an iPhone7, to them, is just like buying bubblegum at the store. In fact, do not be surprised if they share this phone as souvenir at their events.

The wanna-be

This iPhone owner saved so hard to buy theiPhone as he wants to be regarded as high-class. He strongly believes that you have to dress the part to actually become the part, so he would do anything, including even changing his name to “iPhone7” to claim ownership of the iPhone.

The iPhone freak

The iPhone freak is excited about everything “Apple”. He owns not just the previous versions of the iPhone, he also owns an iPad, and iPod and Apple TV. He follows the company on social media and goes out of his way to challenge anyone who says anything remotely negative about Apple products. He may not be the richestperson in the world, but he plans his finances and can even take a loan just to buy the newestiPhone.

The poser

This person does not really own an iPhone 7, but his facebook timeline and Instagram page is filled with pictures of him using the phone. Basically, anyone will swear he owns the phone, but in truth, he just poses with an iPhone that belongs to a friend or family member.

The IT guru

The IT guru believes that the iPhone is the best thing that ever happened to technology. He is extremely extra savvy and certainly uses his iPhone7 for much more than just receiving callsand face-timing. He uses it to remotely start his car and turn his neighbour’s TV on and off from across the street, thanks to his hacking endeavours.

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