2016: They made a horror movie about the disaster this year has been [Video]

2016: They made a horror movie about the disaster this year has been [Video]

This is the only horror movie rated for everyone. Word.

From celebrity deaths, to the war in Syria, to political disruptions, 2016 has been an incredibly strange year.

Some of the compelling true life stories get made into movies, whether it is Martin Luther marching for freedom, or Sango ruling Oyo Empire with his wives by his side. 

So yes, some guys decided to make a movie of 2016, and all the drama that came with it. What better way to tell the story of 2016 than with horror?

The 2-minute trailer starts off with a couple kissing into the New Year.


Then like all horror films, bad things start happening.

“Do you want to know who died today?”


We have to admit that 2016 went on a celebrity killing spree. There were the people dying in different conflict regions but this film talked about the Celebrity Deaths. 

David Bowie? Dead. Prince? Dead. Alan Rickman? Dead. Muhammad “The Greatest” Ali? Knockout.

And of course, while people were dying all over the world, America still managed to protest for Harambe the Gorilla.

“I tried to call for help but my phone exploded.”

Samsung is that you?


The clip shows us that while one of the main characters was trying to call for help the phone exploded. We all know Samsung hasn’t had a great year. Plus, there were rumours that some iPhones were exploding too.

“England just left Europe.”

Perhaps one of the biggest shockers of the year, #Brexit. England left the European Union, not like pack-my-bags-and-leave leave, but like I’m-too-cool-to-roll-with-you-European-Peasants leave. Not like it could get any worse, right?



A Donald Trump just barges in. Because you know, Trump is too Trumpy to not make grand entrance. Donald Trump’s victory is the biggest disruption in global politics for 2016. Against all odds. Against. All. Odds.

And of course, the Mannequin challenge made a cameo. Next.

“Do you think this is over? We are just getting started.”

What the horror movie is saying, basically, is that next year might just be uglier. 

That’s not our call, or theirs either. But for the brilliance involved in making this 2-minute video, they get an A+.

Make sure you scroll back up and watch it if you haven’t.


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