11 Phrases Guys Say When They’re REALLY Into You

11 Phrases Guys Say When They’re REALLY Into You


These are phrases a man can say that tell you he’s very into you.

1. “This reminded me of you.”

He won’t always say he’s thinking of you because he might want to avoid being too direct to spare his feelings from being hurt. He will say that something reminded him of you because he’s thinking about you and wants you to know without taking the risk of truly saying so.

2. “I can help you with that.”

Men like to be needed. They want to feel helpful. If they are offering to help you with something, they are over the top into you. Men only do things for women they truly care about… or sometimes for an “end goal.” But if he’s throwing around his help like he’s a do-gooder, he’s into you.

3. “You look great.”

If he tells you that you look great, stop overanalyzing and speculating what he really means. He really thinks you look great and wants you to know that. Drink in those compliments!

4. “I was talking to my mom…”

If he name-drops mom and tells you what he was sharing with them, he’s either your BFF or he’s into you. Guys don’t wax poetic typically over what they do or say to their family members, but especially their moms. Talking about his mom to you in any sort of way can signal he’s vulnerable to you. Even if he’s open to talking about her, you have his trust.

5. “I’m upset/mad/worried.”

If a man willingly admits to an emotion other than happy or “just OK,” he’s into you enough to show you a vulnerability that he does not typically reveal.

6. “Where have you been? What are you doing?”

Asking you questions about what you’re doing or where you are? He likes you! As long as he’s not doing it all the time, he’s not a stalker; instead, he’s a dude who’s into you.

7. “You are SO sexy.”

Sure, he may have said that to a billion other women, but when he whips out that gem, he’s down to get in bed with you and is into you. Whether he’s romantically inclined or not is another ball game entirely.

8. “I noticed you…”

If he throws out a phrase that he noticed you do, say, wear or eat (you name the verb) any sort of action, he’s paying serious attention to who you are as a person, and not because he wants to be your best friend for life.

9. “I miss you.”

He misses you? Oh, girl, men never like to say schmaltzy stuff like this unless they’re super-sensitive or romantic types that live off swooning each day over some babe. Ifhe’s telling you he misses you even if you’re in that new uncertain stage, you have set an anchor into his heart, for sure.

10. “I’ll be there for you.”
If he says anything else similar like…

“I’ll be around if you need me.””Do you have anyone to talk to about that?””I’m happy to listen.””Let’s talk.”

…he’s sharing that he wants to be a part of your life and he won’t just let you sit on the sidelines idly.

11. He calls you a pet name.

If he calls you any type of nickname other than your last name, he’s decided he needs to make you his. If he calls you by your last name, he either views you as a comrade or perhaps he’s simply sarcastic and takes a more teasing approach with women he’s into.

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