10 Discreet Ways Women Ask For Favours

10 Discreet Ways Women Ask For Favours


By now we all know women love to speak in codes and it is not just when they argue with you, it also happens even when they need a favour from you.

They tend to ask for favors indirectly and you’ll have to be smart to pick up the clue. Here are some few ways they do it and what they actually mean.

1. My Friend Received An iPhone 7 As A Gift From Her Boyfriend or Husband

If she walks home and keeps telling you about how her friend just received an iPhone 7 gift from her partner and how nice it is and keeps giving you all the details about how her friend is happy, you have to start thinking twice. All she’s trying to tell you is that she needs one of those.


2. I Really Feel For [Insert Food Here]

This could be anything from pizza, fried rice, ice cream, you name it. All she’s trying to tell you is that she wants you to buy her that  …simple.

3. I Need A Massage

If there is one thing women are really discreet about, it is S3@.x:’ and telling you outright what they want you to do to them is one of the most difficult things to say and so in a nice way when she asks you for a massage, she knows it will turn you on and she knows when she says you should massage her back you will end up at her B.utt. And so when she asks for a massage, you should know she’s actually asking for S3@.x:’, not always though.



4. My Hair Is Unkempt And I look Dirty

Most women know the only time men dole out money to them is when they want to look good for them and so when they need money, the nicest way to ask for it is to tell you they need to go to the salon and they will give you all the details of everything they’ll will be doing at the salon such as fixing their hair, getting their nails done, facials, waxing etc. but at the end, all they’ll actually do is fix their hair.

5. I’m Really Tired And I Have A Lot Of Chores On My Hands

When you hear this, she’s actually asking you to help her get the chores done. In our Ghanaian culture and set up.


6. All My Shoes Are Old

If she’s got a million shoes and still tells you all her shoes are old, then you should know she’s asking you to buy her new shoes.

7. I Don’t Have Any Clothes To Wear

When you’re getting ready for an event and it takes her 4 hours dressing up and you walk in and she’s got all her nice dresses scattered in the bedroom and she tells you she’s got nothing to wear, you should know she’s using that as an opportunity to get new clothes from you.


8. Can I Come Watch Movie At Your Place

You’ve been friends for some time. If she calls and ask to come watch movie at your end when you know she’s also got a TV in her room, then she’s giving you the green light to propose. She doesn’t really need the movie, she can do that at her end if she really wanted to, so you should be smart about this.

9. She Becomes Friendly And Ask For Your Number

It is not easy practice for a woman to ask for a man’s contact and so when she becomes touchy feely and asks for your number, she’s actually dropping hints that she’s interested. Some even see asking for your number as a form of proposal and once she does that, she sees herself as your girlfriend.

10. If She Visits And Her Bra Matches Her P@nties

If your crush visits and she finally takes her clothes off and her P@nties match her bra, bro…that’s communication right there!!! All she’s trying to tell you is that she’s wanted this for long.


11. She’s Always Telling You About Her Friend’s Weddings

If every Saturday, she keeps going for weddings and whenever she comes back, she gives you all the details of the wedding and tells you how nice the whole program was, then you should know she’s asking you to do same, so start preparing.

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